Coaching Achieves...

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Smarter goal-setting
  • More self-confidence
  • Project completion
  • Better family & professional relationships
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased profitability of business
  • Empowered employees......

Leadership Learning:

  • Be better at something you already do well.
  • Improve where you have opportunities.
  • Know who you are, how you do things, how to use your strengths to achieve success.

Corporate Report Card:

In 2011, women in the United States made up...

  • 46.6% of the workforce
  • 14.1% of Executive Officer positions
  • 16.1% of Board seats

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What Is A Leader?

Ask yourself “Who is the Leader I Want to Be?”

Your core values are key to figuring out what is important to you at work and at home. If you choose to act in ways that are in opposition to your core values, you will most likely end up unhappy, frustrated, unfulfilled. You may attain some of the trappings of success – good salary, impressive title/position, corner office, etc. – but time and again, studies show that, in the end, these mean little if you are unsatisfied within yourself.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is being true to yourself by finding a place, a position and a team that fits with your talents, values and needs, and acting on those values — no matter what.

What We Offer

Ignite Your Insight guides leaders, particularly women leaders, to discover where their strengths lie as leaders and managers, how to make the most of those strengths and how to “work the system” without compromising their values.

It is widely recognized that many women are different than men in their leadership styles. What is most important for women leaders is to find an environment which provides them the opportunity to use their talents to their advantage while providing value for the organization.

In 2001, Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg gave a now famous TED Talk titled “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”. She identified three reasons women don’t make it to the top leadership positions, in any industry:

  • Women fail to own their own success and take their rightful place “at the table”.
  • Women shoulder more than 50% of responsibility for the home and children when there are two parents working outside the home.
  • Women plan ahead of time, before it is even an issue, for how to be a wife, mother and worker – they “Leave Before They Leave”.